The Brodziak’s began raising sheep in 2000. They have tried many different things and Dorper has become their breed of choice. Their main goal is to raise strong and healthy Dorper Breeding stock. Dorper Sheep are a docile, hearty breed of sheep. With an array of excellent qualities.

Janet and Mike Brodziak began by building a Hobby Farm in the Regina Beach Area in 1999. They bought 160 acre hay field and built from scratch what has become a growing sheep farm.

They first started in Blackbelly Barbados Sheep, added Katadin and in looking for a meatier carcass purchased their first Dorper Ram in 2007. It has been Dorper from there. They had grown to about 130 breeding ewes.  In 2015 they decided to change it up.  They have disbursed their commercial flock and are retaining only the best 50 Fullblood Dorper Ewes.  The perfect Fullbloods have become their primary goal.

In 2009 and 2010 they took part in an Artificial Insemination Program with new imported South African Dorper Semen from Australia. They have since added Boda and Dell into the mix.  They have also begun a program of Flock testing for MediVisna and Johne’s.   Always looking for new ways to improve their flock makes raising sheep a challenge that can be very exciting and rewarding.



                                                                                       The Brodziak’s 2014 Dorper Ewe’s

2014 Dorper Ewes